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Learning new skills

Learning new skills

Sign language with Sense


Sense is a charity that helps those with the complex disabilities of being deafblind. They help those who are deafblind to communicate and experience the world, so they do not feel isolated, left out or unable to fulfil their potential.


Sense is currently hosting free Sign language lessons to teach the public basic sign language to enable them to communicate and assist those who are deafblind.  If you would like to sign up for the sign language lessons, all you need to do is go to their website and meet Mr Tyrese. 15-year-old Mr Tyrese will guide you through your sign language lessons. Do not let his age fool you, he is a professional in BSL (British Sign Language), Mr Tyrese has been using BSL his whole life.


The Course is 5 days long and is taught over a collection of fun videos straight sent to your inbox. there is not test at the end of this, the real test is using this in you everyday life, helping those who communicate differently.


Happy Signing!!


To Sign up to the Sign language lesson Click here.



Upcycling Old Furniture

Upcycling is a great way to reuse old materials or furniture to reduce our footprint while making something brand new. There are 4 main benefits to upcycling.


Upcycling or ‘creative reuse’ has positive environmental benefits. For example, reducing waste to landfills, the unnecessary manufacture of new goods, and cutting down of environmental footprint from the cost of manufacturing packaging and transportation.


Instead of buying new, you can easily reuse old materials which can save a fortune. Look at what you already have and see if you can transform and revamp it to fit in with your current interior look. Our Event-Coordinator Amy recently upcycled some old, unused bedside tables which cost her a total of £19.


Upcycling a piece of furniture enables you to create pieces that reflect your own tastes and personality. It is a great way of personalising and making unique things to brighten and add interest to your home, rather than buying something that has been mass-produced.


There are also the therapeutic benefits of the actual crafting process. It is very relaxing to use the right side of your brain for a change by indulging in a creative task such as painting an old piece of furniture or building something new out of something old.


What we used:
Sanding Machine
Primer Paint & brush


First, we took off the old handles and used the sanding machine to sand down the draws and the main unit.


Then we used a wood primer as the first coat to make sure the paint would not chip.


Then we painted the draws the colour that we had chosen. We gave them 4 coats as it was a much lighter colour than the original draws.


Then I bought some new handles online and screwed them into the old holes.


The whole job took me 2 days – it was so easy but also really satisfying to know that I had just made some unique chest of draws!





Gardening and Allotments


Gardening, it is not everyone cuppa tea but if you have a garden your lucky enough to be able to enjoy this gorgeous weather we are currently having safely and in the comfort of your own home. With a lot of the DIY and gardening Stores opening to the general public now it is a great time to give you garden a new lease of life, ready for when you host a garden party in June or have the family round for a social distancing BBQ.


If you have a small space a great way to utilise this is by having potted plants or hanging baskets, placing the potted plants in the corners of the garden with utilize unused space and make your garden look a little bigger. Hanging baskets are a lovely way to add colour without too much work. Hanging Baskets tend to be very low maintenance and can be put together by your local Garden shop, you can hang them to the side of your house or onto your fence. A little fun tip – If you add outdoor battery powered fairy lights to the pots or baskets you will be party ready all year round.


If you have a larger garden, you probably have a lot of flower beds and beautiful plants already. A way to enhance this is by added in some seasonal plants that will bloom at different times of the year.


If you have a large garden with hidden nooks and cranny’s, why not add in an Allotment. Allotments are a fantastic way to enjoy the summer sun and it is a great way to entertain and teach young children how to grow and learn where some of our food comes from. Since lockdown, a lot of families have rented allotments to use this as a family activity outside of the house.


First most important element of an allotment is a shed. This is your shelter from the rain and for you to safely keep your tools that you will need. Make this your own Paint it brightly, if you are doing the allotment with young children put your handprints on the inside of the shed with their ages. Before you buy your shed, plan the layout of your allotment where will you place your shed, will you add in a pathway so you are able to tend to your produce with care and where will you place each plant, some prefer sunlight others prefer shade.


To start your allotment off why not start with herbs? Most herbs do well in an outdoor environment, but Rosemary, Parsley, Mint and Basil thrive. You can start a fresh and buy Herb or plant Bullets (seeds at the very beginning of their growth) or you can buy partially grown herbs from the supermarkets. When planting them into your allotment make sure you plant them in an area where water drains easily from the soil if this is not possible try installing a raised bed or placing them into pots.


If you are not very keen or good at gardening start off with easy to grow vegetables that do not need a lot of attention like, Courgettes, spinach, Leeks and Rhubarb. Spring Onions and Lettuce are also great and easy to grow you just need a net over the top to stop insects and birds eating them. Although these are easy to grow, they can be expensive to buy if you need any advice your local garden store should be able to help.


If you would like to be a little more adventurous, why not try to grow some vegetable’s that need a little love and attention, Carrots, Parsnips, Onions and Pumpkins (Pumpkins are great fun for the kids, if planted early enough you’ll have them in time for Halloween) . They all need a lot of space and attention to grown. Tomatoes and Peas are also other great options to try as they grown up bamboo rods, they are great additions to give your allotment some height and diversity.


Please send us some pictures of your gardens or allotments It would be great to see some of your creations. Happy Gardening!!!