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Virtual Birthday!

Virtual Birthday!

As an events company we are always thinking of new ways to organise parties for our clients even in difficult times such as now. One event that is always worthy of a celebration Is a birthday. For most people this is an opportunity to gather the family and celebrate with lots of fun games and of course food!! But due to the current social distancing rules, birthdays have been put on hold. We have come up with a few suggestions to make a birthday special while in lockdown.


What is a birthday without a few decorations! There are fantastic ways to transform a familiar place to a completely different environment. For little ones it can be something magical to wake up too next morning with their home full of colours and decorations. We have come up with some easy ways to decorate the house for all different budgets.



Balloons are a great way to make a statement with minimal effort. There are a couple of small businesses that are currently delivering balloon clusters to those that book through an online booking system. Alternatively, you can buy balloon garlands online from lots of different stores, and different themes and make them at home. This can be a great family activity or a lovely surprise for little ones who love balloons.



everyone loves a pinata, it is a brilliant way to decorate the house as well as a fun activity to do during the day. You can either make one out of the cardboard boxes that you receive from all those online orders we have been ordering, don’t worry you are not the only one! You can also buy Pinata’s online from most stores, even Tesco’s sells one. Instead of filling it with sweets you could fill it with a treat for each member of the household and one special little gift for the birthday boy or girl.


Fairy lights

We all have them packed away in the loft, ready for Christmas. Why not take them out dust them of, hang them on the stairs or around the kitchen and call them birthday lights. You can also order battery powered fairy lights online to fit any length! Fairy lights give a great effect with minimal effort very similar to the balloons.




Family and friends are a huge element to a birthday! Now with the social distancing rules relaxed slightly you may find people will visit you briefly on your birthday to deliver presents or for a quick cup of tea! Of course, the current situation we are still unable to have our loved ones in the same room for a family gathering, but that is where Zoom comes in. A lot of families are using Zoom to compete in family quiz night or bingo sessions with their grandparents or other family members. Why not create a group chat with all the family and send the meeting ID and Password to all those that are available and they will join in and it will feel like they are in the room with you, you can sing happy birthday to your loved ones and even enjoy a catch up!


Fun & Games
What is a birthday without a bit of Fun & Games. There are lots of different games that you can play virtually with your family and friends.



Everyone knows the game Charades. Get your family together on a zoom call and make sure they are all on Gallery view (you do not want to miss any clues.) For the host, make sure you have a list of participants, so you can keep score and track of who’s turn it is. Charades is great for any age so if you have little ones in your family be sure to get them involved!


Carving creations

This is a fun game that you can play in or out of Lockdown. Ask your family members to buy the same vegetable you can even set a theme for the carvings.  Then on the morning of the birthday set a time limit for those taking part and ask them to send photo of their creations. You can announce the winner in a family zoom meeting later that day.


Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery events will take a little more footwork beforehand. You will need to send out an invitation to all those who will be involved advising of their character and clues to their outfits. On the night of the event get everyone together in the Zoom call and send out the script, you can do this in sections or all at once.  Before you start with the game make sure everyone can hear the games recordings. If they cannot you could send the recording over WhatsApp to all those involved. That way no one will miss a clue.



Food & Drink
This is a slightly trickery element to virtual party. We have come up with a few ideas that you could try for a full-on party experience.


Suggest a dish

If you are hosting a virtual birthday you could suggest a dish that everyone could eat while on a Zoom Call. It can be something simple like a pizza which members can either buy from the supermarket, make their own, or they can order a takeaway for the time of the call. That way everyone will feel included and ready to take part in any of the activities planned.


Send cupcakes

One big thing about a birthday, is the Birthday cake! Some bakeries are offering the opportunity to deliver cupcakes to members of the family. If you don’t have a bakery close by that offers this, you could send a recipe and encourage you family to make their own cupcakes so you can all sample the same Cake on the day.


Virtual Dinner Party

This is an option for an adult’s birthday celebration. To make this fun and inclusive, the host allocates a dish to each of those attending, once everyone has selected what their will cooking, they need to share this with the group and if they want to send the recipe as well. Each couple should cook the dinner ready to start the zoom call. You all enjoy the same dinner in the comfort and safety of your own home.